How to maintain a White Car without turning yellow?

White symbolizes prideful, fastidious, pure, clean … White car remains the best selling color especially for hot climate. White car has the lowest accident rate due to its higher visibility on the road. And white car usually looks bigger compare to the other vehicle with the same size.
However white car comes greater responsibility, because you gotta keep it very clean or else it doesn’t look great.

Many people are worry of their pearl white car turn yellow milky. Just like the sun to your skin, the damage from the UV rays can affect your car’s paint.The Malaysia sunshine wreak havoc on your car, causing oxidation and premature fading to its paint. Proper maintenance routine will keep the new car looks like it just rolled out of the manufacturer and boost its curb appeal.



Insults wrought by nature, including suicidal bugs and bird shits also add damage to the white paint, white car will be looked dull and yellow in just 3 years time.


To protect your car paint. Here are a few simple tips to help you get started:

1. Seek sheltered parking whenever possible. This protects not only your car’s paint but also its rubberized trim.
2. Protect your car’s paint by washing it as soon as it contaminated by dirt.
3. Wax protects the paint against roadside pollutants while also combating the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Waxing will also prevent dirt and grit from sticking to your vehicle, which can protect your paint from pit damage. When you don’t wax your car, grime left on your car can damage the paint job.
4. Paint protection film. This is a very costly option as normal film for a sedan will costs about MYR 2000.00.
5. Coating – Liquid glass (Silica glass & Siloxane) is a clear and pure liquid which hardens on contact with the air, that provides super durable high gloss protection. Coating costs at least MYR 800.00, it normally lasts for 3 years.



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