Thinking of adding a SSD to your old machine, will the SSD give a boost even the motherboard and processor are running slow?

Will the SSD limited by the SATA 2 speed, which is on 300MB/s read write?

Don’t bother about that max theoretical read write speed. In real life use, all we need is the low access time that SSD can offers, that’s one of the reason why the SSD feels so much faster than a Mechanical HDD, we don’t have to look at the benchmark result. That 300MB/s read write limit will only become a bottleneck when you are consistently transferring large single files. During the data transfer of many small files, even the fastest SSD won’t run at its max speed rating for sure.

If it was SATA 1 it may be a little pointless, but with SATA 2 you will definitely see gains. Forget about max speed because you still get low latency and high IOPS from a SSD. The max speed for SATA2 is more like around 250MB/s, but it’s not really a ‘problem’ tbh.

Here we got some comments from the PC builders:

Yes, only if the mainboard can support the better SATA performance than the mechanical HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

Edison Kim

Yes, I installed an Intel 40GB SSD to my HTPC based on G31 mobo + Q9300 cpu and it definitely gave the system a boost in load times and responsiveness. Don’t worry on bottlenecks or compatibility stuff.


Yes, you will see an improvement in boot up and loading time even on an old system.


Don’t waste money on old rig


I’ve installed a SSD in one of my old Intel C2D Laptop (bought in 2008), and the performance gain is superb.

Kwan CK

The verdict:

It is worth the money and effort to replace with SSD into your old machine.

Image credit: SeniorNet