This startup could change the GPS tracking industry

With over 9000 GPS tracking sold in the market, this IoT startup has stood out, and it will be the disruption to the GPS tracking market.

What makes a good SD Card?

Choosing a memory card based on the reliability of the manufacturer. Data loss and memory device stopped working is the most annoying case. Who makes a reliable SD card?

Super Mario Run 2016

Super Mario Run built by Nintendo, it offers a very familiar style of gameplay and everyone expects it to be a smash hit. On 15 December 2016, Mario jumps into a new adventure on iOS.
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By leverage on the internet technology, any business process that can be digitized, it would be cut off. Banks will cease to exist by 2025!

Best Accounting Software in Malaysia

The best accounting software how much it compatible a business operation, and do they have enough technical support provided to the end users.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10000mAh Pro

Xiaomi has launched a new Power Bank 10000mAh Pro . This powerbank with the size of 60.4mm wide, boasted almost 21.4% slimmer design than its predecessor 10400 mAh version!

Night Hikes

Malaysia, not only known for its diverse mix of awesome food, culture, city life, but also the rich flora and fauna that e are so proud to present to you.     This hiking trend has been growing and getting popular since…

Economic outlook of post-Trump election

On 8th November 2016, Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States on Tuesday. With Donald Trump as President, here's what will happen to the world