How to disappear from the internet

Disappearing from the internet is something many are choosing to do to protect their privacy. Here's how?

The blockchain

For Generation Y, ATMs were the right technology at the right time. For millennials, what’s the next big thing in managing their hard-earned wages? It may just be local currencies.

Crowdfunding viability

Is crowdfunding really a viable option to fund your ideas and possibly your next startup?

Digital diagnostics

From reinventing the good old stethoscope to bringing us closer to a real version of Star Trek’s Tricorder, check out the fascinating ways in which digital diagnostics is changing medicine.

External hard drive review: Transcend StoreJet 25MC

Does it make sense to buy an SSD as external hard drive?

Which dating apps to try?

Dating apps have been blamed for inflaming ‘hookup culture’ and bringing upon a ‘marriage apocalypse’. Are dating apps just for hookups only?

LG 5K UltraFine Monitor + 2016 MacBook Pro = Glitches Freezes Crashes Black Screens

LG 5K display must be kept at least 2 meters away from Wi-Fi routers. The new 5K monitor recommended by Apple apparently lacks EM shielding.

WhatsApp vulnerability in encrypted messages

Despite WhatsApp was ranked the most secure chat app by Amnesty, security experts discovered that WhatsApp’s chat app can be intercepted.