5 ways the LG G6 makes photography fun again

1. Square Mode lets you shoot and save in fun new ways

The G6’s unique Square Mode lets you shoot more creatively and save collages with different layouts.

When you usually shoot a photo, you have to tap on it and go into the Preview mode to see whether or not you like it. With Snap Shot, you can take a photo or video and preview it right next to the viewfinder, and still continue to shoot.

Ever wanted to combine multiple photos into a single shot to convey everything at a glance? Grid Shot lets you take up to four photos or videos (up to three seconds) and organizes them into a square.

Guide Shot helps you to be a better photographer. Select great shots you love, overlay them on your camera and learned how to compose just like your favorite photographers.

This is our favorite mode of the lot: Match Shot lets you capture two different photos and images and combine them into one. Prepare for a lot of fun combinations and let your imagination run wild.

2. Grab spontaneous selfies easily

Grab spontaneous selfies with the front camera’s Gesture Shot, which lets you snap a quick shot with a simple hand gesture, or Auto Shot, which shoots automatically when the camera detects a face. Then turn on Gesture view, which conveniently shows the photo you just took when you bring the screen close to your face.

With the G6’s wide angle front camera, you can get more of you and your friends in a single shot, no stretching and squeezing needed.

3. See as you shoot

One of the great frustrations when shooting on a smartphone is having to exit the camera to preview photos and videos. With the G6, you can launch the Camera Roll feature to show thumbnails for saved images along the side of the camera screen, so you can shoot and preview at the same time.

4. Make fun GIFs!

Make your own GIFs using the videos you took. While watching a recorded video, tap the ellipsis, then Create GIF. The G6 then creates a GIF for the time selected from the current time, which you can then share with your friends.

5. Complete control for the creative pros

The G6 even has something for the creative pros, like slo-mo video, time-lapse, burst shots, and full manual controls for stills and video photography. You can even save photos in raw, shoot with manual focus using focus peaking, lock AF and AE, add signatures, capture videos with Hi-Fi audio, automatically track focus and more.

Article by: HWM