The new 5K monitor sold by Apple apparently lacks EM shielding

An LG spokesperson confirmed that the 5K UltraFine monitor isn’t adequately shielded from EM radiation, and that displays manufactured after February 2017 “will be fitted with enhanced shielding.”
Furthermore, existing displays can be retrofitted with extra shielding—if you own the 5K UltraFine, and you’re having issues, you should “contact your nearest customer service centre for prompt service.”
Curiously, the spokesperson said that the Wi-Fi router interference problem only occurs when the router is behind the display within a distance of 0.6m (2ft).
LG didn’t comment on the other issues that customers are reportedly experiencing. Apple still hasn’t responded to our request for comment.

Complaints from buyers:

Even though I tried turning off all wifi in my house, It still won’t connect, it just blinks. This is so frustrating!


Display was delivered today and my Airport was 15 inches away. Thank you for posting this, I never would have figured this out


I have the same issue because my time capsule is sitting 6 inches from the display on my desk… i have two many things hardwired to move it =( It causes the display to flicker on/off until my Mac crashes. It also will not work when my macbook is closed and sitting on the base of the monitor because magnetic interference – the mac thinks it should go to sleep


LG will fix it in the next batch of production

Hopefully the EM interference flaw is easily fixable with a bit of additional shielding so that future batches of the LG 5K monitor don’t suffer from flickering, blackouts, and locked-up host machines. Judging by how many negative reviews the monitor has accrued in just a few days, and the myriad other reported issues, perhaps there’s a major quality control problem, or the design of the monitor is inherently flawed.