Technology Sales

This survey of over 2000 decision makers, provides answers to the questions “what are the main frustrations you have with technology sales people?”


Thinking of adding a SSD to your old machine, will the SSD give a boost even the motherboard and processor are running slow?

LG G6 photography fun

The LG G6 is making photography fresh and fun again with these unique camera features.

UX is the Key to Digital Marketing Success

People access to the internet for variety of reasons, be that to shop, find an answers via the google search, book a flight, etc. For business that want to convert that interest into revenue, user experience (UX) is crucial to their success.

Laptop you can buy with MYR 2800.00

Any laptop with price below RM2800.00?

How to disappear from the internet

Disappearing from the internet is something many are choosing to do to protect their privacy. Here's how?

The blockchain

For Generation Y, ATMs were the right technology at the right time. For millennials, what’s the next big thing in managing their hard-earned wages? It may just be local currencies.

Crowdfunding viability

Is crowdfunding really a viable option to fund your ideas and possibly your next startup?