There are lots of products by lots of companies out there. Each with their own strengths and problems as well. Ultimately it’s your Budget, Size preference, and Design that comes into play. Choosing the right speaker depends on your daily usage, wireless speakers that gives you the mobility doesn’t sounds as good as the quality in conventional big speaker.

Edifier the China speaker manufacturer has been in the market for many years, great quality and affordable price made them to be one of the famous brand in the market. JBL and Bose are pricey, buy they were known for premium quality. There are many speaker manufacturers, but prices are selling differently in the country due to distribution strategy. Here’s the list of speakers give a good bang for your buck.

#1 Logitech Z337

The affordable speaker comes with Bluetooth connectivity, decent sound quality at this price. While you are not looking for a very loud speaker for small & medium room, this is the type of speaker for music lover.

Pro: Decent sound quality

Con: Too many cable to be organized

#2 Edifier R1700BT

The China manufacturer brought u an lovely midrange speaker with an affordable price. In the context of budget Speakers for Studio, the Edifier R1700BT is best. Also, it comes with a remote controller, it was designed to be placed on the bookshelf where adjustment of volume can’t be reached by hand.

Pro: Warm, smooth, enthusiastic sound

Con: Boomy bass sticks out a lot, and slightly thin treble.

Sony SRS-XB30

Sony is killing JBL with this new one speakers! Compare to JBL Charge 3, the Sony sounds much better. It has better bass and a fuller sound but it lacks a bit of treble but you can use the EQ app and turn the treble up and it SAVES to the speaker itself.

Pro: It does its job fairly well in producing thumping bass

Cons: The speaker great bass and detailed mids but, the vocals aren’t too clear.

JBL Xtreme (Best Portable for Smart Phone)

The JBL Xtream is the king in portable speaker. Not only that it’s splashproof, it’s also made of durable materials and rugged rubber to outlast all of your crazy adventures. Is your iPhone running out of battery as you are partying? Worry not. JBL Xtreme has a built-in 10,000mAH rechargeable battery feature as well. However, JBL Xtreme is a little too bulky, which is approximately 2.1 kg but it makes up for it with it’s stylish design and built-in features such as rechargeable battery and hands-free call function. It’s not even far-fetched to consider JBL Xtreme is an all in one speaker. So if you are looking for a portable speaker with multi purpose, JBL Xtreme is the way to go!

Pro: Full, large scale sound, splash proof

Cons: No headphone jack, u can’t use it for conventional desktop without bluetooth. We know that some people hate wireless technology, so this may not be the prefered choice. The sound quality is a little bit less than (not as good as) Logitech Z337.

JBL Charge 3 (Portable Bluetooth Speaker)

It is a high-powered Bluetooth speaker with the qualities of a powerful stereo and made with a durable casing. One of the features that you don’t want to miss out is that the Charge 3 is waterproof! It can be submerged up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and it also serves as a power bank to charge up your other devices. The 6000mAh battery gives this product a playtime of 20 hours.

Pro: Portable, splash proof

Cons: While it plays louder, it doesn’t sound as good.